Friday, June 12, 2015

When in State Street~

Because I think I never thanked these people enough for putting up with a random Specialust that is me!

Thank you ICS Manila for just about everything! For the laughters we shared almost all the time, for the food of course that remained hidden to the hawkeyes of kuya guards, for being so half drinking buddies, half officemates to me. Thanks for the memories in those 1 year and 7 months! Love you all dorky team of ICS!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I don't understand.

I actually have something far more important to do right now but...

1. I dont understand why there's always a person in a group of chatting people who raises their voice just to let his/her story be told first. I will no longer say heard because I defenitely did.

2. I dont understand why people watches a show or a celebrity on tv whom/which they dont like in the first place. Then they will rant on SNS as if they were paid to bash.

3. I dont understand why there are existing people who hates another person just by their mere existence. Like, you sure you're someone worthy as well to be called human when you cant even open your mind to get to know the other person you *just hate?

4. I dont understand why kentucky original fried chicken is always smaller than the hot and spicy one?

5. I dont understand why you have to say "sorry" or "excuse me" when passing by a group of people talking when you will and you mean to interrupt their conversation. I still dont find it courteous.

6. I dont understand where does my *hatsing goes after it didn't went out of my nose.

7. I dont understand why the people who pisses you off are the people whom you're being careful not to hurt or get mad at. Then will result to blaming your ownself for even thinking of getting mad or you try hard not to let it show that you're truly about to fire up.

8. I dont understand why there's no survey yet about "how people reacts on heavy rains (or even just a plain, simple rain) in metro manila". Because I'm curious as to why the roads are always immovable when we all know rain's gonna stop. So might as well wait for their turn to get home, those who are leaving for work should be the ones to get off first right? See my point?

9. I dont understand why people in love are the most immature people I know. Always the attention seeker. I think they dont deserve or arent ready for it yet. Hahaha kidding!!!

10. I dont understand why people (ladies in particular) typed in "HAHA" or say "I dont care" when you know from the tone of their comments or voice thay they are affected, hurt and sensitive about the issue.

11. I dont understand why there are friends who pushes you to be in a relationship but when you got yourself into it they'll find glitches, holes and cracks to break you off. Hmnnn... something isn't right.

12. I dont understand why you get mad at people who ignores you or who remains silent when you know you'll be treating their words as unsolicited advice.

13. I dont understand why I didnt date the guy I seriously think is the one.

14. I dont understand why I'm having all these misunderstandings and making them bug my day when I know I dont have all the time in the world to care about all these *sensitivities! HMP! (See #10)


Sunday, March 15, 2015


This isn't part of my bucket list but there you have it folks, tucked-in-pajamas now turned three and has 10k views and so I'm the happiest!

Here's what I did to celebrate the day... #March3EST

Sunday, March 8, 2015

They come and go.

2014 may not be a good year for me but I must say it was still worth telling.

And having said that, I feel like I have been holding back from all that just happened. It was as if I'm being led on when I know the choice, the right ones will come from me alone - that if you find yourself lost you must go and get yourself together. And when you realized you're hurting in the process you go tell yourself "this too shall pass!", and if it's dragging you or confusing you, stay out of it decently. SPARE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FUTURE because most probably, you know how to be happy and at that point isn't making you smile anymore. I never thought mishaps were to come that year in a bulk but I am very much thankful they happened earlier in my life.

I'm now starting to plan travels; financial goals; investment. ALL to save myself from regrets. This year, I plan to be good to myself. I plan to W A I T for my dreams to be realized as I stay true to my intentions and do what I have to do- surround myself with the goals I planned of pursuing. And so I'm still thankful to last year's events because they were more of a training ground for soon to come years. Now, I know it's all up to me. I will no longer say, 2015 be good to me but rather, I'll be good to you! 

Still in love,
Miss Piggy