Saturday, November 17, 2012


Ok. So here I am refusing to talk about it but typing the words down. I just think she’s falling for him. Someone close saw them dating and my friend still shows concern for me that she would love to see me when I get back. Awww… Ottoeke? What should I do in situation like this? 

I know she doesn’t want to be in this awkward scenario too and I know the reason why she’s hesitating to get to know better the guy. So I’m back to my self whose fault was that I fell in love with the guy she’s now dating or what. She becomes so sudden like text-ing me of what’s new about me and the scope trimmed down to my love life and she’ll start giving me pointers of being a miss. I know why you’re doing that my friend. I appreciate that you’re feeling the guilt and you want our friendship to last when as a matter of fact there’s really no strings between us to be wary about.  I regret to note that we've been put in a difficult spot because of this errr feelings. But I’m just sorry that this kind of thing makes both of us uneasy. I wish we would be a bit more comfortable when we decided to meet soon. And for guarding my feelings I’m rather afraid that he’ll like you more for your good consideration.

So go on… You do what you feel is right. Stop bothering about how I’ll feel since sooner or later I’ll just cry and we’ll laugh about it. So back to my concern now is how I should be facing you both. I’m rather scared with that guy’s presence than being alone in this dark room. Hmnnn… How the protagonist in a movie will react to this scene?

Seriously been thinking…

Maybe I should hire someone to act as my boyfriend so I will not look that pitiful.

Should I press release that I already have a boyfriend as early as today so they’ll think that I already moved on?

Make myself busy so I will not bump into her during my short vacation this November.

Gym everyday prior to meeting her again?

Or should I just cry about this and let all worries wiped out. Ikaw na po @Lord bahala.

I’m not sure if can be cool about it but I will be. She deserves to be happy like how she wishes me to be.
(_ _")\/

Dagdag kaalaman:
Otteoke means WHAT TO DO? in Korean slang. 

Xet! Xet! LEE MIN HO, noh napunya! You made me so happy that I cried. T.T

We're already inSIDE! And these were the roots of that withdrawal syndrome I'm feeling now...

pictures from his Bench photo shoot were shown.

Countdown marks his arrival. Everyone's thrilled and gone wild! 
The Preamble.

Hans of Face-to-Face opened the event cheerfully that even fed our anticipation of meeting the man of the day because he keeps on making my fantasies go chaos with the thought  if Lee Min HOT could be my boyfriend will I still be able to go out of the house? Yeheehee! But the hype got died a little, NG KONTI LANG because after the countdown for his trivial arrival, K-pop fandom were shown first in a front act type production number of introducing the Korean superstar… anyway a Korean really entered… Sam Oh, to host the event.

Finally, the Filipino fans welcomed the man that brought all us stress over this nonstop falling in line day, the ever gorgeous in all hairstyles, the one man behind the thick mass of people which defeats the number of lining fans of Gen Ad ELFS and VIPs outside the concert hall and the very person who made Nov. 16 a well anticipated day… 

Hail to the Namja Chingu of all ladies in the crowd! LEE MIN HO, neh sarang has come!!! #PassionatelyWildangLahat

The Fan meet proper started with an interview which questions asked were from Filipino fans over facebook and twitter as gathered by Bench of course. But all got even hyper upon noticing his every reaction like the way he looked at Sam Oh whom I thought could’ve been a hero in her past life that made her way closer to him. Tsk tsk. Our constant screams over his every first syllables were the most candid and playful that he even played with us and began prolonging his OHHHH... sentences. His worried gestures of concern over the safety of Patron crowd in standing were of course much appreciated since some were at their peak of spazzing so being shoved and pushed is pretty understandable there. I'm in awe of your coolness and warmth. Wahhhh! Just like the best scenes to anticipate were the times he bites his lip that was just so Augh! Kill me now moment!

I freaked out when he was asked the question of what place in the Philippines he wished to visit and he answered Boracay after me shouting it out loud. Wahahahha! I’m that influential huh?! And I again shouted, BE THERE BY JANUARY 16-19! Since I’ll be there too!  (I won’t accept your disagreement! Ahahahha! And you know I’m talking to you.)

Games and Fan-fun-things were played. The pre-selected winners of “Act the Look” made their short walk on stage then after the ten finalists were done HE IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED! Awwww!!! I LOVE THIS MAN, HE HAS HUMOR! The roulette to spin together with the lucky winner got amazing prizes such as, shake hands WITH GENEROUS FREE HUG; life size poster/T-shirt with autograph PLUS HIS OWN FREE WILL OF ALMOST SIGHT AS EMBRACE FROM BEHIND AND HIM FOLDING HIS OWN POSTER! WAHHH!!! ; Special gift from him, himself; a picture WHILE HE KNEELS TO MATCH THE HEIGHT OF THE FAN; staring game which if it will be me I'll surely be ripe this time out of those eyes solely staring at me…  OH MY DEAR LORD, THAT WAS JUST A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT.

He also gets to choose the ACT THE SCENE contest, the participants were asked to video themselves acting the role of Park Min Yeong as Kim Nana in City Hunter. There were really creative, fun and well applauded acting explosion. And the winner not just won the title that got her into tears but also Lee Min Ho’s acknowledgement for her acting stint. IKAW NA ANG NAGSABING KANSAHAMNIDA AT SARANGHAE!!! Augh! Again, I died!!!

Anyway, every fairy tale has its happy ending and just like today it ended by his thanks and MAHAL KO KAYO. He said his goodbyes and he hopes of doing better in the future also this line struck me most, NABITIN SIYA!!!

Lee Min Ho @ActorLeeMinHo

I would like to say thank you to all the fans who made out to the Bench event. 

Adobo ^^ Masarab! 반가웠어요 ^^

Since he asked us of what Filipino dish he should try and we all responded ADOBO so here he is being true to his words - eating our classic favorite Adobo ^^. Masarap daw! Though when you said you’ll try it for your dinner a while ago, I seriously never thought of you trying them. You’re one sincere young man. I’ll love you more, promise!

Hay naku! Mahal na kita! He requested a picture with everyone so here it is! Lee Min Ho is not just evidently hoT.T. He’s warm, humorous, sincere and playful too! DAEBAK GU JUN PYO! Bogoshipo already! 


Credits to my dear officemate Azeneth,  Nysh chingu and Pinoy City Hunter Phil. fb fan page for the amazing pics from last night's event! Kudos!


AMININ! pati bodyguards GWAPO!!! --.---\/
The long and thick pile of people finally realized its goal, Lee Min Ho’s fan meet at the Araneta Coliseum was held beyond successful. The crowd was in frenzy since the Korean Superstar arrived last Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012 that made #WELCOMELeeMinHo and his name himself as one of the trending topics since then. He’ll be here for a 4 day visit. And today’s event is the most waited of them all. A single receipt of purchase worth 1500, 1000, 800 and 500 of any bench products plus any Fix items will be given invite to the meet and greet. And so we did! After following the K-pop path, we came to a firm decision of availing Patron. So without further a due we bought the goodies on the 2nd week along with our scarce fan meet invite. All Minoz and K-drama enthusiasts were all in hurry to make a purchase since a 10 to 20 tickets per branch were sold easily in an hour upon released so being friendly to our ate and kuya in your favorite stores is a plus to inform you beforehand.

Thursday, the one last sleep before meeting Jun Pyo…

Had a nail care after a tragic day at the office for tomorrow’s event but as soon as I got home, Bench already tweeted the crucial state of exchange of invites to legit tickets to the fan meet. It says they will be releasing tickets at 8am and so a change of game plan must be plotted accordingly. Nysh chingu called me in an instant telling me to meet her in the late hours of the night to bring my ticket with her so she could line on my behalf early in the morning. Augh! I’m still human though so I refused to meet her but strangely I'm starting to worry because our big bang experience is having some flashbacks in my head so I accepted to challenge myself of coming to the office at 7am so I could be away for few hours while on duty (wahaha!) and get going to exchange my invite. Luckily a college friend already got there soon as I can so you know magic already been done in a 2 hours wait. Got my ticket in reserved seating so I will not need to fall in line that long again soon as I'm off from work.

It’s now 3pm where am I heading?

Everyone’s worried about the pile of people going for Lee Min Ho outside the concert hall that even concerned officemates of mine are asking me from time to time about my space in the mass of fans. Little do they know I just made a long wait there already just to get my seat reserved that resulted to my reluctance and calm today. Wahahahah! I’m such oh so wise with these things!

Since I got off early from work with stress free aura I washed up and dress up in a pay toilet. I seriously paid 10 pesos for me to transform from office girl to now, Park Shin Hye~ Ahah! Aigoo! So leave me alone there, I even bought a skirt to get the feel and of course everything bench must be in place for this day. So while waiting at the skywalk between Farmers’ and Gateway, sudden questions were buzzing like bees all over the crowd of passersby because of the nonstop cheer of excited fans, oshoseros in all ages began to ask who’ll be coming?; Who’s Lee Min WHO? And the likes of interests and disinterests further asking. I liked to share also my know how about the event so I answered them politely while hopefully hiding my excitement. As if I'm not a fan and just acting cool about the frenzy.

It’s 7pm and I’m still not there yet…

Reason behind? Chingu does matter. Along with Nysh we fall in line again to accompany Ylda to exchange her invite since she was unable to join in our earlier plan so we just stayed with her anyway. But upon eaves dropping, I’ve known that they’ll be closing gates if all Patron and Lowerbox space will be filled already so without hiding signs of self-interest we parted with Ylda who’s still falling in line by that time and we pursued fan girling so we could at least refrain from saying, WE COULD’VE DONE BETTER at blah blah blah over and over again. This is City Hunter after all!!! 


Credits to Nysh chingu~ and City Hunter Philippines fb fan page >!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Suddenly It's Magic @ohmario

After my October Big Bang craze a well anticipated movie this November is never to be missed. Today along with my eksaherada friends we watched the team up movie of Erich Gonzales and Thai Superstar, Mario Maurer’s SUDDENLY IT’S MAGIC.

Erich’s acting was no joke; she really is a pinay beauty in and out.

Mario… Oh Mario you’re stare is a surprise after a surprise. But the kiss most especially at the end was beyond surreal! I felt you there. Oooo… @Lord hear my prayers!

I bet everyone can agree with this, Mario is a convincing actor. Especially when he delivered the lines…

"From the moment we first kissed, all my real kisses have been reserved just for you."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"I’m getting all of my dreams because you set me free. And all of my dreams would mean more if you’re with me. And I still love you. I would like to think and to believe that this time we’re stronger, we’re more grown-up, we know better, and because we know what’s like to be apart from each other. And no matter how tough things get, we’re not gonna let each other go again… Will you be with me?"
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"I’m sorry. I couldn’t imagine keeping you a secret. You are too good, too beautiful, too wonderful to be kept a secret."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"Your cupcake told me to follow my heart. And my heart led me back here, to you. I don’t just want to pretend to be your boyfriend. Ang gusto ko, to be your boyfriend forever. I want to kiss you right now. But I won’t until you tell me you will be my girl."
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic

"I don’t want a sad cupcake no more. Hey! I don’t want a sad cupcake no more. I will be the man who’ll put the sugar up in the cake… Please by my girl, my happy cupcake girl! Please be my girl, my happy cupcake girl! Please be my girl, my happy cupcake girl! What’s up, cupcake? Want a dinner with me?"
- Marcus, Suddenly It’s Magic 

Baifern looks like Kim Chui.

And Lolita, the manager, I love her accent which reminds me of my officemate’s voice in China. Nothing related just saying.

Prior to this movie sched, the haste to watch really fired up after Mario guested Gandang Gabi Vice last Sunday with the of course the favored girl among all living things in my eyes today, Erich along with Joross and Mario’s shocking like, The Epitome of Greatness as per Vice, KAKAI BAUTISTA, whose now the envy of many after she sorry’d us with Mario’s jaw dropping gazes on her. The episode captured the hearts of many when he ride on the show’s quirkiness and Vice’s teasing which in the end he got defeated by Kakai of course which me, myself don’t want to talk about now. #HowCouldYouKAKAI!

#MarioOnGGV trended last Sunday and the day after the air of their promo guesting which is claimed to be the best episode ever. Lots of laugh for that! Love you Mario!


The movie was an 8/10. The story-line is given predictable to begin with but all credits to Mario for the appeal and refreshing ambiance he emits in the full length screen so on that note we can just forget it. He's a prince-charming after all. Also it's Mario's first time to use English as his dialogues for a role in movie and his generosity of making me kilig and at the same time in rage with his kissing scenes. I liked the effort of casting Thai actors in the movie but they could’ve tried a bit more of laying subs for some dialogues delivered by the actress who played Mario’s mom since she’s playing an important part. Also the sound wasn’t that volume up I don’t know for some cinemas but I watched it in Megamall and this was the first time I’d actually bother to ask my friend, sitting beside me if what they were talking about just then in a kilig moment back hug. Lastly, I envy Erich to be paired with The Mario Maurer, everybody felt that and I’ve come to appreciate her in this movie though she got kisses from Mario. @ohMario mario everything is about you~ 

To splurge for a greater cause

Got this for 499Php. This was offered to me by a Granton Mktg. salesman when I was out for lunch. Its 5 vouchers with discounts valued at 30, 905Php in total. These cards are merely promos the establishments the marketing firm is promoting but also with the intention of helping the Operation Smile. That as promised in their smile cards, 10% of their profit will be donated to support the operation of children and young adults born with cleft palate and facial deformities. So a buy of this can never be a waste of money earned.

These are the smile cards:

My doubts actually were gone after I exchanged my e-plus voucher in SM Cinema so on that same day I got my atm-like E-plus card. I even use my free movie pass watching Suddenly It’s Magic in 2D valued for 202Php. With free two baller IDs and ballpen.

Whereas if you availed the e-plus card directly from the booth it will cost you 300Php already but also with freebies of 2 free movie pass, 1 popcorn and drink stub, tumbler, two baller ids and ballpen. So what’s in store for me is greater value for my money still.

I encouraged my two friends to buy them since the freebies are no joke and as we’re a fan of watching movies a reloadable e-plus card is a nice deal.

Here are the discounts. Imagine on 1st visit you could already avail absolute FREE manicure and pedicure valued for 220Php.

All four cards are valid for 6 months from the day you presented the voucher except of the e-plus card which is reload-able and renewable yearly.

See the difference in availing good buys it helps you spend your money wisely at the same time helping others needs in ways that will never be burden on your part.
So as we splurge and beautify ourselves we can think of ways not to feel the guilt in spending some money for ourselves after all it’s your hard earned money and you’ve been a hope for the Operation Smile Philippines.

They say true and sincere act of kindness doesn’t ask in return but in this context we can do it in win-win situation. Yey! 

Venus Rings

I remembered my sister sharing about the meaning behind the lines on the neck of a girl/woman she heard from our mama when they were watching PBB Teens 2012. The topic rose after noticing Pbb teen housemate, Karen Reyes’ neck lines which are indeed visible for which my mom relates to Janice de Belen’s numerous neck lines too. According to the old hear-say the number of lines drawn to your neck reflects the number of man you’ll love in your lifetime. woooohh! Assa! So I have the chance!

Karen is known for being a chick inside Big Brother’s house and even been into relationship with her co-housemate, Ryan. 

As for Janice, she's been into relationships with Aga Muhlach; got married to John Estrada and been into relationships after that. She's a prime actress during her time and still considered one so it is no doubt why she's been attached and linked with these good looking men. Also Kris Aquino can't be helped why she's included. hehe.

I never thought I'll have the interest to capture my friends necks for some proof of evidence. Nysh has 3 venus rings and Ylda just got lucky with one. Ayeee... 

Woah! I got two lines. How I wish the next will be the one I would love to share my lifetime with. 

Anyway on a brainy note as per discussion via Buzzle:

The first wrinkle which you see on  neck is mostly horizontal lines. They are known as 'venus's rings'. They occur naturally due to aging. These horizontal lines keep on getting pronounced and more visible with your flexing of the neck. You may notice vertical lines on your neck. They also indicate wrinkling and sagging of the skin. The reason behind their appearance is not aging but sunlight exposure and sleeping patterns. Whatever be the cause, neck wrinkles spoil your physical appearance. It is needless to say that you would love to get rid of them, if not permanently then at least temporarily.

Read more at Buzzle:

But I think the main factor is just letting it go and realizing everyone is likely too busy fixated on their own flaws to notice a few faint things on my neck. So lines you say? Think of it as God's promise that soon, you'll never know when true love will come  and you'll think of this day that you decided to actually believe a hear-say. hehe 

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 4, 2012 - It's Sunday as always with @Lord

I joined the 6:30 mass as usual. This is the schedule which I anticipate most since the priest is always smiling and interactive. Fr. Nolan Ke is so good at story telling true to life experiences that at first I have doubts if they were really true which just happened significantly to him for a week but thinking that he’s a priest for God’s sake I drop the doubts since he’s in the church after all.

This is the first time I happened to sit in the closest row from the podium since me and Nysh is desperate enough to get a seat after hours of workout this day. So we make our way to the vacant space, I’m seated between two Christian strangers thus I’m a bit worried since I know Fr. will again make the dominating “say it to the one beside you” every after he stresses the phrase he wishes us to remember and lived by. I’ve come to like it and that could be the main reason why I like to be preached every Sunday to be able to remember His words along with every person who listens.

The sermon was about All Saints Day. Well I actually don’t remember the verses read during the point where I should be listening but the say-it again made it happen which echoed into the walls, YOU’RE A SAINT; I DON’T WANT YOU TO BE SAD… These were the words only God can utter but as the content of the homily progresses it speaks for ordinary people who lived and living the likes of a Saint. Fr. said being one must acknowledge God first to be able to think of others. I don’t know if these were the exact words since I have bad memory but it entails that having a good, constant relationship to Him makes a person humble, secure and with full marks of conviction in himself that he/she may now see others’ points of view thus he/she began to care.
I can also relate with Fr. Nolan’s last story about Dr. Teo’s life which spread all over the internet after he died last October after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. His story was known to the public since he made a talk to his fellow Doctors during a commencement exercise. He pointed out his bittersweet wakeup call as Cosmetic surgeon who has it all like he then wishes to have a big house then to ride classy cars… He all got them by the mere luxury out of vanity that he himself is inclined to. He’s a gym buddy wherein he wants to be fit and presentable always that as he undergone series of examinations he still doubted the idea of him living his remaining 3 months to live. We actually thought that being won over by earthly things are just humanly to commit that we sometimes forgot to be sincere with our deeds. Everything seems to be so important because it has value but if we compare it with the other valuables we can all see some great difference. So with his remaining days he began to spread his real life experience that having to have all doesn’t mean you’ve been blindly favored in God’s eyes but rather having Him in you, the faith he brings for us to hold on to that’s for him is the most important thing to do.
the value for cellphone is already given but checking your phone during a mass is undoubtedly a disgrace to whom who is much valued.
There I pondered and prayed for the first time that I want to be like Him. I want my life to be meaningful to not only in my own thoughts but also in the eyes of the people I’m connected with. Also that was the first that I haven’t thought of including love life into my personal prayer but instead I prayed for a characteristic I’ve envied since then to a college friend. (Remember Dhet in my Open Sesame post.) The gift of conviction is what I would want as a gift I wish to realize this Christmas and I’m hoping it would be in advance. I wish to be firm and true with my actions aligned with my heart and mind’s content.

But if you have doubts about whether or not you should eat something, you are sinning if you go ahead and do it. For you are not following your convictions. If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning
Romans 14:23

I wish it for everyone too so that as we grow in life we can also grow in faith. Yeee! Up next, WORLD PEACE!!!

***One more thing worth sharing! Fr. Nolan acknowledges thru smile my earnest prayer during the Ama Namin and I smile back of course and after that I got the feel of my face getting hot from controlling the forming tears in my eyes. So after the mass I lined up with kids asking for Fr.’s blessings. Hahah! I really felt God’s words as I attend the mass.

I know I may not be enough so I found this page to help you feel more of his grace in the sight of a 21 yr/old College student 

Subscribe @Fr. Nolan's fb account: (hippy si Fr.!!!)

Credits: Tumblr/I don't own the pics posted on this page. ^^