Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kang Daesung bogoshippeo!!!

KakaoTalk asked: 

Level of difficulty: Severe. But with a light heart my answer is Kang Daesung. Because you can almost see a halo above his head when he smiles. He's like a friend I wish I had. Someone you can always share your laughters without pretensions and a good friend you might think had or has a crush on you because he's someone I know would really spend quality time. Plus, I miss him as Daesung the quirky maknae in #FamilyOuting. Nothing beats this Idol's wit. Bogosshippeo Daesung-ah~~~ ^^*

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?

Percy Jackson. What now?!? waaahh!!!
I just watched this movie without much thought after feeling “bitin” over watching Percy Jackson: The Sea Monsters. To be honest, I haven’t read the bestselling humor book of Ramon Bautista wherein the movie was based. But don’t misunderstood since I haven’t read either the Percy Jackson book, none of its like as a matter of fact. So that gives you the reason why I don’t have the right to compare the two since I have no intentions of doing so.  

I just sat there to be entertained and apparently had new set of crushes after leaving the cinema which given me the will to write. Ok. That was the first time I met or should I say been introduced to Logan Lerman. Hmmmn. I totally fell for him that I don’t even care about his lines anymore. My bad but I just don’t feel the depth of the story but he does as an individual. Hahah Total distraction you say, I’ll tell you about the next movie.

Though I’m excited to tell you about Xian Lim I would like to make a preamble on this movie first. I’m not that impressed to give you an honest review though I know Direk Joyce Bernal is the maker of my ever favorite movie from the past, Till There Was You starring Judy Ann Santos and Papa P. The thing is that this is just one of those movies that didn’t get through me. It started off with full of promise because you’re expecting to realize the answer or answers maybe from the movie title, BAKIT HINDI KA CRUSH NGCRUSH MO out of how the story line goes and not  by means of enumerating them by the author himself. The book already told us the WHYs’ so the movie I have in mind is on the HOWs’, like how will these reasons be delivered and executed. The Director might be saddened by this but it didn’t work for me. It should be realistic since the book is made for HIS and HER real life circumstances. The transition of events has also flaws like for example when Sandy made a scene during Tangerine’s presscon was I think just an excuse to make the two fight by letting her know that they’re not actually in a relationship. And so it serves as the twist of the story that no matter how touchy feely you are to each other (they were for a day. just for a day) it is still does not suffice an “in a relationship” status for it will always boil down to the words we say as the most evident proof of love or dislike.

About Kim Chui’s acting it was very good but as Sandy who is confident with her looks meaning she accepts who she is but couldn’t figure out why she isn’t the one for Gardo is I think another questionable factor for the persons in charge of the wardrobe. Forget that we all know that Kim still got the features of a princess even with her thick eye brows and kinky hair but in the movie she has her gay little brother to actually fix it for her. If I see it correctly she’s someone who is cool with anything that will make her look at her best so I don’t see any problem arising if she just realized earlier in her relationship with her ex the use of hair treatment and tweezers for her brows. It just bothers me that she’s a notable beauty and it is as easy as 1-2-3 to make her pretty. I’m again experiencing some displeasure not until Xian Lim came into the picture.

Thanks to your good reactions that given emphasis to the pain, kilig, uneasy feeling you had during the course of forgetting your darn ex fiancé! I’m recalling the scenes that I may find something fishy to grill but I just can’t think of any. The fact that you are up for a challenge to pull yourself together is something good to tell which taught me that the way to settle your issues is to face them with harsh realities. You will always find it difficult to prove your worth but to someone you are already high enough to catch up. So take it slow and let time take its course. Plus I just find you worthy to be called CRUSH, we’re talking about Xian now for your good sexy voice, fine guitar and piano skills (plus 15 more different instruments! Yes he's not greedy at all.), he composes songs, he plays basketball, nice set of abs, broad chest (that I wish to hug!) that gives me pain until now because you keep pressing yours to Kim’s and of course I never been this hooked by kissing scenes (let me complete the thought man!) done in Philippine rom-com movies! I felt the warmth why oh why?!? Hihihi Ok. Fine you two, just get married!!! 

So I’m back to the question, bakit nga ba di ka crush ng crush mo?

Ramon Bautista stated them so well but I also have one in mind, sort of a beauty queen answer. That maybe kaya hindi ako crush ng crush ko because we just can’t meet halfway. We are sort of ok with each other but it isn’t good enough to make it to the next level. I’m not ready to lose him just yet and I’d like to think he has been thinking the same way towards me. Again, we were just been warned thru the movie that we should not assume unless it’s been stated so we won’t be the one hurting in the end but you might also want to consider that when you love someone out of your league you will end up denying the growing unconscious feeling of yours until it can’t be contained from within so a love life can blossom at its perfect timing. Gotcha!


Thursday, August 1, 2013


[Disclaimer: This is a jury trial. And I’m serious.]

Officer: All Rise.

Judge: This is case number 84C01-0703-JD-00569, in the matter of Jerma Maezelle Ilarde, who’s indecisive about her future. Present in the court room are the defendant and her attorney, the deputy prosecutor, the probation officer and the grand jury. Ms. Ilarde, how do you plead?

Defendant: Not guilty your Honor.

[Once heard the Judge will allow the defendant's side to present their side of case and evidence will be presented by the deputy prosecutor.]

Defendant: I’m still in the course of arguing with my thoughts so like how my lawyer presented the case; I regret to claim that I’m indecisive with my plans in life. If you’ll dig in further how I happen to survive life without a long term goal then you might think that I’m just being silly if you’ll hear me say that I want to become a Public Attorney or a Prosecutor someday. 

Prosecutor: Again, she’s indecisive!

Lawyer: She’s in the process of cross examination your Honor hence, it’s her right to make a point.

Judge: Sustained.

Defendant: I know it’s unfair to those who have dream of it since their elementary days but it just came to me now and find it doable. As someone who struggles in memorizing, this idea sounds lame. And I do know that Law school is not something just to try out since it's a financial commitment and you'll dive in the material before classes begin. But you may probably have no idea how uneasy it can be to pursue a dream you just dreamed of days ago for the reason that I’m the mediocre type you know and who apparently clueless of what her dream job is. And so when I say I'm going to do something it takes some of the motivation out of it. I absolutely noticed this. There is a difference between asking someone for help to achieve a goal (you are motivated from within) and saying something out loud. I need a quiet mind to actually do the work and I sometimes find that talking about it is almost a way to procrastinate. Of course Law School is way on top of my agenda now since I have issues to deal with before being bombarded with laws I’ll soon be injecting in my whole self. Factors that should be settled like a job that can’t be brought home so my thoughts will be on the goal; a side-line to finance my wants like you know, my k-pop duties and fangirling responsibilities and a motivated Law student who can see the title Atty. as prefix to her name. 

So I think there is a flaw in this line of thought that I’m asking your consensus in my decision where I’m the sole master of my ship. Some goals - many goals - require the support of others. Without this support, when it gets tough, there is no one to remind you of your goals and what you had said at the start. I've tried it both ways (to announce my goals and to keep it to myself till it’s been accomplished) and the results are inconclusive, as it depends on the goal, my ability, and the surrounding friends and family.

Judge: On this, I find you guilty as charged. I hereby charge you with the attempted murder of the younger generations’ dreams. You will not reach a make or break decision if you've focused yourself with a field you should have thought of way back your school days. But don't worry about what real judges’ say, just say to your battling brain “order in court” in a stern voice and hit your hammer on the desk. Then resume your step by step plans and if you still happen to pursue this line of work then please be a good lawyer and have the conviction that you can. Case dismissed!

I love my dramas!

"Whenever I decide, I go with the side that I think is right,
even that is only 1% higher." - Atty. Cha

While I was watching the series I Hear Your Voice a realization hits me hard. Enough to pause my streaming video. I was so hooked that I've been thinking again to be a lawyer whom I have thought of for the first time when I once watched the series Partner also a Korean drama. Ridiculous but true. 

“Whether I succeed or fail is up to the heavens…
all I have to do is do my best… don’t you think?”
– Tak Gu
And let me tell you, this wasn't the first time I've thought of switching a career path. When I was a huge fan of The Baker King, Kim Tak Goo you know what I want to become. When “Grey’s Anatomy” was being aired I suddenly want to bring back my grade’s school dream to become a Surgeon. And the series Brain lifted my hopes to become one since I found then that the main logic of brain tumor operation is to clip off that aneurysm to prevent blood flow. You just need a lot of tissue to do that. Apparently, I can’t be a doctor for my medical history says no and though my career just had been cut down I still like to believe that God’s plan is way better for me. 

“Wings, I should need them some day, but it’s not now.
I will use my own power to pursue
and find my own wings.” – Kang Hoon
“I love you more.” - Gil Ro
Still I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration since becoming a baker can just be a hobby in the kitchen and being a lawyer is for those who can memorize so well and I’m not the right person for that. I watched Lie To Me and Level Seven Civil Servant which made me thought of becoming the most transparent public servant. The urge even reached of aiming to be like CityHunter as a matter of fact.

“When I’m having trouble, I think of these words:
Do not fear a shadow, for it means light is nearby.” - Young Ju
I can be so immersed with what I’m watching that my career path is on the line. But I know for sure that this too shall pass like I can’t be a lawyer or a baker if I didn't even enrolled myself into Law school or even open the oven. Since those who really wanted to pursue their dreams is not in front of a computer or a smart phone whose occupied with a list of dramas and variety shows to watch. I felt guilty after typing it now really. I know something is not right when you get easily swayed with the trend or the way I perceive the world romantically. Way to go Zelle!

“She is sloppy, careless, and has many flaws here and there,
but she is so honest and innocent like she‘s still a kid.” – Ki Joon

Credit goes to rightful owners. Kansahamnida!